ART 287 Portfolio and Resume Preparation/ April 2015
11" X 8.5" Hard Cover
My eclectic collection of stylized and skeuomorphic [design concept of making items represented resemble their real-world counterparts] works consists of various print media of posters, magazine ads, logos, business cards, etc., along with multiple mediums of paintings. My creative technique is to absorb the needs and characteristics of individual clients and/or companies and combine them with my unique influence to proposing the best solution. I'm thrilled to encounter every new challenging project because the visual concept possibilities are endless. I strategically construct the design layout using the provided information with the design principles and elements of balance, rhythm, typography hierarchy, unity, textures, proper use of emotional color tones, strong visual aides and/or unique icons for a dose of character. I have immense passion with every work I create and will dedicate new original paintings or drawings to those who inspire me.
This book is dedicated to those I love and cherish the most, my children Cameron, Skylar, and Levi. 

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